Our bodies are amazing. Built within us exists a variety of complex systems that function automatically to keep us alive. From breathing to sleeping, detoxing and regenerating, our bodies just get it. They work so hard to maintain our existence, but how often do we repay the favour? The Awakening is a 10 day program to rejuvenate the body and eliminate stress, sluggishness, and brain fog. By combining a natural diet , Ayurvedic practices, and ancient herbalism techniques, you’ll learn how to deeply nourish your body. You’ll find more clarity, energy, and vibrancy after 10 days!

What you get with the cleanse:

  • 4 Bags of Fleurs Tea (Chill, Doze, Woke, Clean)

  • 72 page Cleansing Guidelines Booklet by Gillian Templeton, R.H.N 🍃

  • 30 Cleanse-friendly Recipes 🍳

  • Ayurvedic + Herbalism Tips and Tricks 👳🏽

  • Daily Self-Love prompts 💌

  • Fleurs Month Long Check-In Calendar ✔

  • Access to our online support community 💻

  • 15% 💊Naturopathic Supplements

  • Lifestyle Change Discount: 10% Fleurs Forever 🌸 + 10% Off R.H.N Private Counselling

The Awakening Cleanse is the answer to our overworked, undernourished society. It’s the reboot that so many of us desperately need in order to function optimally. Fleurs Cleanse encourages deep sleep, healthy eating, and gentle detoxification so you can start feeling like the best version of yourself. It’s great for those who cleanse often or those who have never cleansed before- CBD helps the body relax into the process without shocking the system.