Orange Calabash Gourd

Orange Calabash Gourd


(Bombilla [straw] not included)

1)  Fill the mate gourd with a daily serving of Yerba Mate (or our WOKE blend, which features this magical herb).

2) Gently shake the gourd so that the yerba mate is on one side, leaving an open area on the other side.

3) Insert the filtered end of the bombilla (straw) into the bottom of the gourd.

4)  Gently pour a little cold water into the open area to moisten the yerba mate. This protects the flavor and health properties.  Leave the mate gourd tilted until the yerba mate has absorbed the water.

5)  Add hot (no hotter than150 degrees F.) water until it reaches just below the top of the yerba mate.  Sip from the bombilla until all the liquid is gone, then add more hot water. The first few drinks are strong; the flavor will soften as more water is added for each drink.

6)  Now that the gourd is prepared, drink it,  add more hot water and serve your friends one at time in a circular fashion.  Basically, pour, pass, sip.   Let them know not to move the bombilla, as to not disturb the yerba. 

7) Some people add a bit of oil to the gourd before pouring herbs and water in, as this helps preserve the moisture of the calabash.

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